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Reed dried flower home decoration

Reed dried flower home decoration

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Material: dried flowers
Dried flower bouquet: small reed dried flower bouquets and flowers are selected from Kunming Dounan International Flower Market for high quality dyeing and drying. Long-term cooperation with local flower farmers.

Scope of application: home furnishings, flower shop flowers, photo props, send students, friends, relatives, girlfriends.

Product color: primary color, green, yellow, rose, purple, sky blue, orange, light pink, red, white.

  Product parameters: 10 colors, 7 pieces, total length of about 70cm, and the length of the fluff is about 15cm.

  Advantages of dried flowers: Durability, more than the real and natural advantages of artificial flowers, can be used continuously for more than one year, without the restrictions of the season, adding an artistic atmosphere to the living environment, making the living environment more flavorful.

  Dry flower preservation: Please place it in a dry place, do not put it in a damp place, dry flowers need to be breathable. The dyed baby is processed, usually it will not fade, please rest assured!

  Purchase notice: There will be a little flower head drop during the mailing process, the recommended customer carefully shot

    size: Flower branch length: 65cm, flower head length 8cm

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