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Modern Luxurious Bedside Rug

Modern Luxurious Bedside Rug

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Product information :
Material: polyester fiber
Sub-component content of fabric: 100
Shape: square
Patterns: stripes, geometric patterns
Cleaning type: water washing
Colors: Darby A, Darby B, Darby C, Darby D, Darby E, Darby G, Darby F, Darby H.

Size Information:
Dimensions: 80*200cm (drop-molded cashmere), 100*200cm (drop-molded cashmere), 100*160cm (drop-molded cashmere), 140*200cm (drop-molded cashmere), 160*230cm (drop-molded cashmere), 200*250cm 160*230cm (cashmere imitation with cotton cloth), 200*300cm (cashmere imitation with cotton cloth), 200*340cm (cashmere imitation with cotton cloth), 100x100cm (contact us)

Packing list:
Bedside blanket *1

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