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Ancient Greek Ionian Roman Column Aroma Candle Holder

Ancient Greek Ionian Roman Column Aroma Candle Holder

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Product information:
Material: Synthetic resin
Craft: Hand-painted
Category: Candlestick
Hanging form: ornaments
Style: European
Modeling: Character
Color: dark red-small Roman column candlestick, green-small Roman column candlestick, white-small Roman column candlestick, black-small Roman column candlestick, dark red-large Roman column Candlestick, green-large Roman column candlestick Candlestick, white-large Roman column candlestick, black-large Roman column candlestick, dark red-goddess statue candlestick, green red-goddess Statue candlestick, white-goddess statue candlestick, black-goddess statue candlestick, dark red-male statue candlestick , Green and red-male statue candlestick, white-male statue candlestick, black-male Statue candlestick, C29-5*5 candle (suitable for large Roman column), C29-5*10 candle (suitable for large Roman column), cream white (vanilla) Creamy), Light Pink (Flavour Rose), Lavender (Lavender), Korean Noodle (Flavour Rose), Champagne (Red Orange), Bean Green (Ocean Forest), Light Grey (Blue Windbell), Gradient Powder (Flavour) Rose), gradient blue (blue wind chimes), gradient purple (lavender Flavor), gradient green (sea forest), gradient coffee (vanilla cream), gradient orange (red orange), romantic heart powder, Bordeaux red, passionate yellow , Candy orange red, navy blue, velvet dark green, Beige, C45-tea wax-10 packs (suitable, C45-tea wax-50 packs

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