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Myers Medium Candle Holder

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The Myers Medium candle holder with Hemp Handle I is made with a beautiful, light brown finish on wood. Created from geometrical polygons and pentagon shapes, this piece is pleasing to the eye as well as being sturdy. A hemp rope has been attached to the top by metal cups, it drapes down the full length of the pentagon. A glass candle holder sets suspended in the middle and the one side is left open for ease of placement. This candle holder will look beautiful with your rustic style home decor.
Interiors Use Only
- Attribute Depth (in) : 13.5
- Attribute Dimensions (in) : 16.5, 13.5
- Box 1 Height : 14.00
- Packing Time (days) : 4
- UPC : 883581156423
- Delivery Time (days) : 8
- Box 1 Width : 14.00
- Brand : Crestview Collection
- Box 1 Weight : 10.31
- Box 1 Depth : 20.00
- Width: 13.5 in, Height: 16.5 in

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