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CoolCozy™ | Cooling Duvet | Cooling blanket for hot sleepers

CoolCozy™ | Cooling Duvet | Cooling blanket for hot sleepers

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Introducing our Cooling Blanket, a perfect companion for a restful night's sleep. Made with care, it features a comfortable washable fabric that feels smooth, delicate, and gentle on the skin, ensuring a luxurious touch every time you snuggle in. The simple and attractive edging design securely locks the blanket's layers, adding an exquisite touch to your bedding.

Our cooling blanket boasts light seersucker fabrics, providing ultimate softness and comfort. Sleep in the nude with confidence, as the fabric ensures a stress-free and relaxing experience, helping you wake up refreshed and energized.


  • Fabric Main Component: Polyester Fiber (99% content)
  • Filling Main Component: Chemical Fiber (99% content)
  • Manufacturing Process: Quilting

Available Sizes:

  • 150*210CM
  • 180*220CM
  • 200*230CM
  • 224*240CM



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